Around the MLB


Every Monday from here on out, I will posting an article that is labeled “Around the MLB”, and if that is not explanatory enough, it is where I will be looking at some of the news making headlines around all of Major League Baseball.

Yesterday, the Minnesota Twins announced that they have reached an agreement with AL MVP Joe Mauer on a 8 year/ $184 million extension. It was a good deal for the Minnesota, but I think that if Mauer would’ve hit the open market after this season he probably could have netted more than the $23 million he is receiving from the twins over the next eight years, one report suggested he could have received close to $30 million if he tested free agency. For more on the Joe Mauer extension, head over to Twinkie Talk for an in depth look on the Mauer signing.

Fanily seems to be getting between the relationship of Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox. As last Friday, Ozzie’s son, Oney, parted ways with the organization, the official term was a resignation, but it is believed that he was forced to resign by the White Sox front office. Their has been speculation from the media that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, and General Manager Kenny Williams are at odds with each other, over recent organizational decisions.

There has been talk over the past couple of weeks of a radical realignment of the MLB Divisions, according to the report from Fox Sports Bud Selig is interested in some type of realignment and they give five proposals that maybe considered. Their has been talk that Selig maybe interested in seeing more geographical rivalry and revenue, one proposal pits the Cubs and White Sox against each other as division rivals.