Put the Brakes on It: Cubs and Toyota Could soon be Partners


So far this year Toyota has not been receiving much positive press, as they have issued recalls on many of their cars, do to the cars inability to break.  But, their luck could soon change as the Cubs have drawn up a plan that would install a large illuminated billboard behind the left field bleachers.

The two sides were finalizing a deal Wednesday that would make the Cubs and Toyota partners. And the centerpiece of the deal is that the Cubs would then install a 360 square foot illuminated logo of Toyota in the left field bleachers, as illustrated in the picture.

Personally, I do not see anything wrong with the Cubs adding to Wrigley Field, but that sign just looks out of place.  It seems like the Cubs are putting something there just to put it there. But, of course that is not the reason, the reason they are doing is because it is another way for the organization to make money, and now-a-days isn’t that what it is all about, making money.

Notes from Spring Training…

  • Angel Guzman has elected to have season ending surgery on his right shoulder, after consulting with Dr. James Andrews on Monday. Guzman, hopes to be able to pitch again in 2011.
  • Justin Berg, and Esmailin Caridad are the leaders to become the setup guy for the Cubs this year. Jeff Samardzija may also be considered for the role.
  • Ted Lilly faced live hitters today for the first time since having shoulder surgery. The plan is to have Lily face live hitters one more time next week, and then hopefully pitch in a simulated game  after that.