Ryan Theriot Gets Leadoff Spot; Kevin Millar expected to Make the Team


Well, the battle for the leadoff spot is over. As Lou Piniella announced today that Ryan Theriot will be the leadoff man for the Chicago Cubs this season.

Kosuke Fukudome will be batting second in the lineup, after loosing out to Theriot for the leadoff spot.

Projected Lineup…

SS Ryan Theriot

RF Kosuke Fukudome

1B Derrek Lee

3B Aramis Ramirez

CF Marlon Byrd

LF Alfonso Soriano

2B Mike Fontenot

C Geovany Soto

Personally, I think that Kosuke Fukudome should be the leadoff man for the Chicago Cubs. Mainly because if you compare the two, you would find out that Kosuke Fukudome  has the better on base percentage, and has a very good eye at the plate.

Kevin Millar expected to make the team

  • A report came out from the Tribune today that said barring anything unexpected, Kevin Millar will be on the 25 man roster to start the season. Millar, came into camp looking to prove to the Cubs that he can still play, and so far has done a good job defensively at first base and third base.
  • As for the fate of Chad Tracy, he will likely start the year in AAA if Millar does in fact make the team. Or another scenario could play out where he asks for his release, in hopes to latch on to a roster spot with some other team.
  • In a perfect world, the Cubs would like to keep both and only go with 11 pitchers, but given their bullpen situation that seems like a highly unlikely idea.