Open Letter to Mr. Bradley


First let me say, that I was trying to go this whole off-season, and regular season for that matter, without mentioning Milton Bradley. Well, enough is enough, here is an open letter I have for Mr.Bradley, who apparently hated everything about Chicago and the Chicago Cubs.

Dear Mr.Bradley,

In recent days, you seemed to be anxious to rip Chicago, the Cubs organization, and the fans of Chicago. You blamed all of us for your struggles, and not yourself. You cried racism, but had no evidence to prove it. Let me just clear a few things up for you.

First, you blame Chicago fans, for your struggles with the Cubs last year, Last Time I checked it was you…

  • That got ejected in your first at bat at Wrigley Field
  • It was you that couldn’t count to three
  • It was you that Hit .257 last year
  • It was you that hit a career low 12 Home Runs
  • It was you that called out your teammates

To Simply, put it you are the one that got paid $30 million to play for the Cubs. If you hated Chicago so much, Why did you Sign here and not with Tampa? I’ll tell you why, it is because you were out for the money, and that’s it, all you care about is yourself and money.  Fans pay for their ticket, so they have the right to boo a player.

And, then you blame Lou Piniella, for the lack of team chemistry last year, after he failed to apologize to you in front of the team after he said, “You’re not a player, You’re a Piece of (Expletive)”. The only question I have is, Why should he apologize. Because lets face it, it is not like he was lying.

Milton, you are a clown, an immature little baby instead of a professional baseball player. Don’t blame Chicago, when you are the one that has had problems on 5 of your 7 teams. You are the epitome of “Clubhouse Cancer”, and will always be looked down upon no matter where you go.

Oh and P.S. How about you focus on your current team the Seattle Mariners, instead of your former team in the Cubs.