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There’s A Thought: Kerry Wood back to the Cubs?


In the past a couple of weeks, an idea has been gaining steam from the Chicago Tribune. And that idea is the thought of the Cubs possibly being interested in former Cubs closer Kerry Wood, who is being shopped by the Indians.  Before I get started, I want to stress that this is not a rumor, it is a mere thought of a writer, and as of now it is not known if the Cubs have any interest in Kerry Wood.

But nonetheless, should the Cubs be interested in re-acquiring Kerry Wood?

If I were Cubs management, I would not go after Kerry Wood. For a multitude of reasons, the first being, the way Kerry Wood left the Cubs after the 2008 season. While Jim Hendry told media that Kerry Wood was not willing to accept a reduced salary to stay with the Cubs, Kerry Wood said he would have been willing to accept a low based deal if it meant staying with the Cubs. So one could conclude that Jim Hendry really had no interest in bringing back Kerry Wood.

Another reason why Kerry Wood is not a fit with the Cubs, is because of his $10.5 million salary for this year. And with Cleveland not willing to eat any portion of that salary in a trade, it would be nearly impossible for the Cubs to fit that much money in their budget.

So if the Cubs do not acquire a veteran reliever, not named Kerry Wood, then the Cubs bullpen could ultimately be what takes the Cubs out of contention in 2010.  Because right  now, there is a chance that the Cubs could go into the season with their two set-up men in the bullpen being rookies in Andrew Cashner and Esmailin Caridad. And it would be wishful thinking to think that, that can be a successful tandem in the Cubs bullpen.

But, I don’t think that is going to be the case with the Cubs. As all signs point to the Cubs acquiring an inexpensive veteran reliever. And of course the popular names are Jason Frasor of Toronto, and Padre’s reliever Luke Gregerson. However, the injury to Angel Guzman may have hurt the Cubs chances of  getting either one of those pitchers, as it had been reported that both teams were interested Angel Guzman.