Cubs 2010 Infield Projections


Last week, I revealed  my projections for the cubs outfield, this week I will now focus on the infield. We will focus on the starters this week, and then in a following report focus on the bench players.

C. Geovany Soto

Geovany is one of the players that the Cubs are hoping to have a rebound season. A year after winning the Rookie of the Year, Soto struggled offensively. As he hit .218 with 11 home runs and 47 RBI’s. Soto also appeared to be out of shape for most of the season as well. However, since last year he has lost 40 pounds and so far looks to be in good condition.

Cubbies Crib 2010 Projection: .273  with 17 Homers and 68 RBI’s

1B. Derrek Lee

Derrek Lee is essentially the team leader for the Cubs. And last year, he showed that in big way, as he lead the Cubs in all three of the major offensive categories average(.306), homers(35), and RBI’s(111). Many feel that Lee’s wrist is finally 100% healthy since he had surgery on it in 2006, and he has regained the power he once showed in 2005.  So, with that in mind I think 2010 should be another good year Derrek Lee.

Cubbies Crib Projections: .293 Average, 32 Home Runs, and 103 RBI’s

2B. Jeff Baker

Baker, who was acquired by the Cubs during the season, actually had a real good year for the Cubs. Posting an average of .288 and basically taking over the second base position late in the season. He’ll once again have to compete with Mike Fontenot for the starting job at second base, but I feel that he will receive majority of the starts in 2010.

Cubbies Crib Projection: .283 average, 11 Homers, and 55 RBI’s

2B. Mike Fontenot

The Cubs found out the hard way last year that Mike Fontenot is not a traditional everyday player. And his spot on the team is not fully guaranteed, but you can expect that he will be on the teams unless he struggles mightily in spring training. But the Cubs are hoping that he can improve from his .236 average that he posted last year.

Cubbies Crib 2010 Projection: .255 Average, 9 Homers, and 42 RBI’s

3B. Aramis Ramirez

The 2009 season for Aramis Ramirez, was virtually a wash considering he missed a little over two months of action due to a shoulder injury. And when he returned he still appeared to be hampered by the shoulder injury as it never was 100% for the rest of the season. But a healthy Aramis Ramirez, is a dangerous hitter, and think he should be healthy for most of the season.

Cubbies Crib 2010 Projection: .296 Average, 27 Homers, and 105 RBI’s

SS. Ryan Theriot

Despite a real good start for the Cubs in 2009, Ryan Theriot struggled in the later portions of season. As his average dropped to .284, and his strike outs increased from 58 in 2008, to 93 in 2009. Ryan just has to go out there and hit the ball, last year he tried too much to pull the ball and drive in runs even though he is not that type of player. And if he is able to do that, he should be in line for a good 2010 season.

Cubbies Crib 2010 Projection: .290 Average, 85 Runs Scored, and 22 steals.