Friday Fun: MLB Pre-Season Power Rankings


With Spring Training beginning this past week for most teams, the Hot Stove season officially comes to a close. Now we turn the page to a 2010 season, and look forward to the roller coaster ride that is the MLB Season. With that in mind, lets take a look at the Cubbies Crib pre-season power rankings.

1. New York Yankees

2. Philadelphia Phillies

3. Boston Red Sox

4.  Los Angeles Dodgers

5.  Tampa Bay Rays

6.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

7. Colorado Rockies

8. Chicago White Sox

9. Atlanta Braves

10. Seattle Mariners

11. St Louis Cardinals

12. Minnesota Twins

13. Chicago Cubs

14. New York Mets

15. San Francisco Giants

16. Texas Rangers

17. Milwaukee Brewers

18. Arizona Diamondbacks

19. Oakland Athletics

20. Baltimore Orioles

21. Detroit Tigers

22. Cincinnati Reds

23. Florida Marlins

24. Houston Astros

25. Washington Nationals

26. Kansas City Royals

27. Cleveland Indians

28. San Diego Padres

29. Pittsburgh Pirayes

30. Toronto Blue Jays

It is always fun to make these types of lists, because usually they provide good comedy material once the season is over. As I’m sure you will have one surprise team that exceeds expectations, and one disappointing team. I guess that is why they play the game.