Did Soto take Steroids?


As we all know by know Geovany Soto has lost 40 pounds this off-season, a year after he struggled offensively and was caught doing “pot” at the Word Baseball Classic. So did Soto actually lose fat, or was that muscle he lost from taking steroids. As many people are wondering what has changed between the first two years of his career, and now to make you lose 40 pounds. Also something to ponder is the drop in power numbers from year one in his career, to year two.

"“I laugh at that,” Soto said Tuesday at Fitch Park after a hitting session. “My whole life, I’ve had weight problems and I’ve always been immature in terms of diet and never stuck to them. This past year, I had such a bad year and I was really disappointed in myself and I was willing to take that step and work hard and take it to the next level. I just laugh at [rumors about steroid use]. For me, it’s ridiculous.” Muskat Ramblings"

But despite denial from Soto, we have learned over the course of the past decade in baseball that anyone could be taking steroids. A case that is very similar to Soto’s is that of Ivan Rodriguez’s, back in 2005 showed up to camp 22 pounds lighter than he was last season, a season in which he was accused of being taking steroids. So it just happens that after he was accused of taking steroids, he looses 22 pounds? Something is a little bit off about that if you ask me.

Another concern with the recent weight loss from Soto, is if he still is going to produce the same power numbers he once was. Soto after his rookie year was considered to be a 20 homer 60-70 RBI hitter, and then he failed to hit 20 last year (but he probably would have reached 20, if he was healthy in late July, early August). I, for one, still think that Soto can generate 20 home run power.