Chan-Ho Park Still on Cubs Radar


According to a report from, Bruce Levine ( Via his weekly live chat), the Cubs are still interested in reliever Chan-Ho Park.

He states that the Cubs are waiting for the outcome of the Ryan Theriot arbitration case, before going after Park. If you remember the Cubs submitted a $2.6MM figure, and Ryan Theriot submitted a $3.4MM figure. The two sides have not had any talks for some time now.

As for Park, the Cubs view him as a spot starter, someone who can fill in, in the starting rotation as well as pitch out of the Bullpen.  They have a had a few conversations with Park and his agent, but the Cubs hinted that they are waiting till Theriot’s arbitration case is over.

Speaking of Theriot, the tribune reported that the Arbitration case between he and the Cubs should be sometime this week. Jim Hendry stood his ground last week, saying that the team will not budge on their offer ($2.6MM). Also it is believed that Ryan Theriot as well is not budging on his counteroffer ($3.4MM). I still think that the Cubs should easily win this case, as Theriot’s defensive liabilities will be the Cubs main piece of evidence.