Friday Fun: Top 5 Memorable Cubs Moments


Friday Fun this week will feature, five of my most memorable moments of being a Cubs fan. Please keep in mind I am a relatively young Cubs fan so the Moments will be relatively recent. So let’s get started and look at some memorable moments, counting down from #1 to #5.
#1: Bartman Ball

That play will probably never go forgotten. A cursed franchise on the verge of their first World Series appearance since 1945. And yet the hopes of wrigleyville collapsed on that play. But it should not go forgotten that on the very next play, Shortstop Alex Gonzalez bobbled an easy double play ball, which would have gotten the Cubs out of the inning.

#2: Big Z with the No-No

If you remember, that was Carlos Zambrano’s first time pitching in over two weeks. And it really was one of the only bright spots for Carlos Zambrano in 2008.

#3: Sweet Lou Erupts

Cubs Fans finally got the Lou Piniella that they wanted, as after Angel Pagan was thrown out at third base, Lou Piniella gave Cubs fans a glimpse of vintage Lou Piniella. But in no way does that mean Fans had the right to trash the field like they did after Lou was ejected, that was uncalled for by the Fans.

#4:2008, A Magical Year!

Even though the Cubs season in 2008 ended on a poor note with them getting swept in the playoffs by the Dodgers, it still was one of the most magical years the Cubs have ever experienced.

#5: The Ricketts Become the New Owners

Tom Ricketts and Family, finally had their coming out party last year, as they were officially introduced as the Owners of the National League Ball Club, Wrigley Field, and Co-Owners of regional sports channel Comcast Sportsnet. The Family, which will be headed by Tom Ricketts, includes sister Laura, and Brother Pete.