Friday Fun: MLB 2010 The Show


This is the first series of posts, that will now be exclusively on Friday, and labeled Friday Fun. These posts may not directly relate to the Cubs, but they for the most part will relate to baseball, or the Chicago sports scene. The first friday fun topic, will be the video game MLB 2010 The Show.

MLB 2010 The Show is set to hit stores on March 2nd of this year. Last years version received high praise, for being one of the most realistic simulated baseball games ever. And the developers of the game, SCEA,  have once again raised the bar for sports video games.

To begin, I will talk about the new and improved franchise game mode. Where you can control 1-30 teams, and run the team as if you were in charge. Some of the stuff they added are, a new E-mail system in the franchise mode, that will allow you to view scouting reports, trade proposals, league news/transactions, and a report on which players in your organization are doing well, and which players that are struggling. Also now they give you chance to manually assign an injury to a player, something to prove very beneficial to people like me who like to keep their roster parallel to what the real-life team does.  For instance knowing that Ted Lilly is going to miss a month to begin the season, I can now make him have the same injury and DL time as he does in real life.

They also improved on the crisp gameplay that the previous year’s title had. They focused more on the trajectory of the ball, and now you will see more accurate choppers in the infield, and balls ricocheting off the outfield walls at a more realistic projection.

Some pet peeves of mine have also been fixed. Such as, now if there is a play where the catcher makes an attempt for the ball, he now removes his mask. Also they know show all the pitchers sitting in the bullpen for the whole game, instead of the empty bullpens that were seen in last years game.

MLB 201o: The Sow, is sold exclusively for the PS3, and will hit stores on March 2nd. However it is available for pre-order,  if you go to Gamestop, or log onto Amazon.