Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors


Over the course of the past 24 hours there have been lots of rumors that have been floating around with the Cubs, Lets take a look.

The Cubs and Jermaine Dye appear to be making progress towards reaching a deal for Dye to come in and serve as a platoon outfielder. He also would serve as a backup outfielder and first baseman. The Cubs are selling Dye, whom was seeking a starting job, on the point that he will likely play in a lot of games for the Cubs.  Due in part to Soriano’s durability, and the struggles that Kosuke Fukudome has gone through over the past couple years offensively. Dye would also benefit from joining the Cubs, for one he can be around his family more during spring training, as the Cubs spring training facilities are located near Dye’s home residence. The Cubs are focused solely on getting Jermaine Dye right now, he is their highest priority. Derrek Lee, long time friend of Dye’s, has had a part in the negotiations in trying to persuade Dye to come to the north side. I think that eventually Jermaine Dye will sign with the Cubs, and we should know rather quickly.

The Cubs were one of the teams that scouted Ben Sheets today. Sheets topped out at 91 with his fastball, and showed a pretty good curve ball. Sources that were at the session have suggested the Cubs, Rangers, and the Mets are the leaders to sign Sheets.

If the Cubs can’t sign Dye, they will then turn their attention Xavier Nady, who is coming off of his second career Tommy John surgery.

The Cubs are also monitoring free agent pitcher Mark Mulder. Mulder has not been completely healthy since 2005. But all indications suggest that Mulder will end up as a Brewer.

The Cubs also have express trade interest in relievers Luke Gregerson of the Padres, and Jason Frasor of the Blue Jays. Both would serve as the right handed set up man for the Cubs, and likely require the Cubs to give up Angel Guzman in return.

Talking Cubs Live

-I joined the guys over at to discuss the Cubs, here is the video.

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