Monday Morning Links: Baldelli, Silva, Dye


The Cubs Convention wrapped up yesterday, and now the Cubs have their sight on Arizona for Spring Training and improving their team before then, here are a few links to get started with the week.

The St. Petersburg Times (Scroll Down) is reporting that the Cubs along with the Yankees have expressed interest in free agent outfielder Rocco Baldelli. Baldelli is a guy that is not capable of playing on an everyday basis due to his mitochondrial disorder, which causes muscle fatigue and affects his stamina during the season. But he still is a good role player to have on the Cubs. But he will likely only be considered if they other options they are looking at don’t pan out.

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun Times wonders if Carlos Silva can resurrect his career here in Chicago.  There have been recent signs that point that he could, as his velocity in the Winter League reached 93MPH, the highest it has been at any point in his career. Also pitching coach Larry Rothschild found a flaw in his delivery, which after he tweaked reports suggested that he was throwing a much sharper sinker, something that helped when he was in Minnesota. Silva after signing a lucrative deal with Seattle, was never what he once was in Minnesota.

The Tribune’s Paul Sullivan is reporting that Jermaine Dye is the Cubs primary target for their fourth outfielder. The Cubs are believed to have a one year offer on the table for Dye, and waiting on his decision. Dye as of today is still seeking a starting job, but I have a feeling that he may end up with the Cubs.