Cubs Weekend Wrap Up


This is the last day of the Cubs Convention, starting tomorrow it is back to work for Cubs GM Hendry, who hinted yesterday that in the next two weeks the Cubs will have added two more players to their roster, so lets take a look at the Rumor Mill.

Jermaine Dye– The Cubs definitely have interest in Jermaine Dye. They view him as a platoon player with Kosuke Fukudome, backup outfielder, backup first baseman, and a DH in inter-league games. Yesterday Bruce Levine stated that the move makes sense for both sides. Saying that Dye could re-invent himself as a first basemen, if Derrek Lee leaves the Cubs after next season. It is expected that the Dye will make around $3-$5 million next year.

Eric Byrnes- Don’t be surprised if Eric Byrnes ends up on the Cubs radar this week. Byrnes, was DFA’d this weekend by the Diamondbacks to make room for the recently signed Adam Laroche. Jim Hendry has always liked Byrnes and has tried on several occasions to acquire him. Byrnes who is owed $11 million next year, will likely be released, meaning he will be making close to the league minimum. Byrnes at best is a fourth outfielder at this point in his career, as he has struggled offensively over the past couple of years, only producing averages of .209 in 2008, and .226 in 2009. If the Cubs can’t get Dye, then they may take a look at him.

Reed Johnson- As much as the Cubs appreciate what Reed Johnson has done for them over the past two years, all indication is that they would prefer to go in a different direction for their fourth outfielder than Reed Johnson. But if those other options never materialize than they will likely look towards re-signing Johnson.

Heath Bell- It appears the Cubs have had some dialogue with San Diego about closer Heath Bell. As Lou Piniella hinted yesterday that he was available but said the Padre’s wanted a lot of young players in return, shortly after that he stopped himself and said he can’t comment about other teams players.