Cubs Convention Day 2 recap


The second day of the Cubs convention was a day where Cubs fans got to meet management. Tom Ricketts, Lou Piniella, and Jim Hendry all talked about the future of the Cubs organization.

Tom Ricketts- The new boss was very excited to meet and chat with Cubs Fans at his first Cubs Convention. Among the things he mentioned were that the Cubs were still trying very hard for the 2014 all star game, and that they are looking into filing a petition to City that would allow them to play Friday Night Games at Wrigley. The Ricketts family as a whole also indicated that they are pleased with how Jim Hendry has done as the General Manager over the past 5 to 6 years.

Lou Piniella- Good ol’ Sweet Lou was also available for fans to chat with today. Some of things he said were that he plans to bat Marlon Byrd 5th and Alfonso Soriano 6th.  He also indicated that Sam Fuld will likely be the primary backup in center field. He also plans to use a combination of leadoff men between Kosuke Fukudome and Ryan Theriot, with the other one batting second.

Jim Hendry- Jim Hendry stated that the he feels good with what the Cubs have done so far in the off-season, but indicated that in the coming two weeks it is very likely that they will have added two more players, one being a reliever, and the other being a position player that can hit and has versatility as a fielder. Hendry of course did not name any specific names. Hendry admitted a lapse in judgment over the Milton Bradley signing, saying that he failed in just about every aspect of the off-season last year. Hendry also stated that the team is not actively looking at adding a starting pitcher.

Ben Sheets- Hendry was asked on the Cubs possible interest in Ben Sheets, and he declined to comment on possible player movements. But all indications is that the Cubs interest in sheets has been exaggerated over the past couple of weeks.