Phil Rogers At It Again


Before I get going with the rumor reported by Phil Rogers, let me just tell you something about the aforementioned Rogers. He really seems to play fantasy baseball when he reports of rumors involving the Cubs, he comes up with ideas that would make little to no sense for the Cubs to do.I question his sources, as he usually come out with rumors that are eventually squashed by the team itself, or other well respected Baseball insiders. I think that he comes up with ideas, and tries to bring them to life by citing fake sources to back him up.

But nonetheless it is a Rumor, he suggests that the Cubs are “kicking the tires” on trying to acquire Padre’s closer Heath Bell. Here is why this does not make sense, First the Cubs interest in Bell has already been shot down by Cubs officials, and multiple Cub insiders. Secondly, the Cubs have already committed to a Closer in Carlos Marmol,  who finished the year 11 for 11 in save opportunities since being anointed the the Closers role. It was also reported by Fox Sports that the Padre’s are not likely to trade Bell during the off-season. Lastly, the Cubs would have to be willing to part ways with a couple of their top prospects, something they have said they are not willing to do.

When you are a writer like myself or Phil Rogers, it is very important that you have sources that are credible. I always have a source that will back me on the story that I am reporting, the same thing can not be said about Phil Rogers.

Please take every Rumor you here from Phil Rogers, with a HUGE grain of salt.