Lou Piniella, A Legend at Work


Over the course of Lou Piniella’s baseball career, people have called him many things such as crazy, fiery, sweet, and uncle. But Lou Piniella will now be looked upon as a Legend. As on February 2nd, Lou will be honored at the Thurman Munson Awards dinner. He is set to receive the “legends” award for what he has achieved over his Player and Manager years.

Lou has spent a combined 40 years in the game of baseball, 18 years as a player, and 22 years as a manager.

Although Lou deserves this award in every capacity, I have not been impressed with what I’ve seen of him as the Cubs manager. The first couple of years it was not as bad, but last year was when it really became alarming. It seemed last year that Lou had no answers for how to solve the Cubs issues, and he would play veterans that were struggling, over young players that provided a spark to the team, when they were given the rare chance to play. And it got to a point towards the end of the season where it looked like Lou was disinterested in managing, and really seemed like he didn’t care what happened on the field, But nonetheless he is still the Cubs manager and hopefully he can lead the Cubs to their first World Series title.

This will be Lou Piniella’s fourth year as Cubs manager, and it is expected to be his last as he will likely retire after the season.