“The Hawk” Soars into the Hall of Fame


Today is certainly a very bright day for Cubs Fans, and the Cubs organization. As Andre “the hawk” Dawson was elected to the Hall of Fame. Dawson played 20 years in the majors between 1976-1996, and was a member of the Montreal Expos (11 seasons), Chicago Cubs ( 6 seasons), Florida Marlins ( 2 seasons), and the Boston Red Sox ( 2 seasons).

It is expected that he will go into the Hall of Fame, donning a Chicago Cubs cap, considering the Montreal Expos are no longer a MLB franchise. Dawson, has already stated as well that he would prefer to be wearing a Cubs cap when going into the Hall of Fame.

Over his illustrious career Dawson was the recipient of  many rewards. He is a eight time all star, Rookie of the Year in 1977,  nine time gold glover, MVP in 1987, four time silver slugger, and won the ML Hutch award.

Dawson also has over 400 home runs, and 300 stolen bases in his career. Joining Barry Bonds, and Willie Mays as the only players to be in the 400/300 club.

This was the ninth time that Dawson was on the ballot.