Yankees to former Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman: "Thanks, but no thanks."

The two-time All-Star expressed interest in playing for New York, but Brian Cashman declined to make any sort of offer - despite a need in the rotation.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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After opting out of his option with the Chicago Cubs for 2024, free agent right-hander Marcus Stroman is still searching for a home. There are plenty of potential fits still left and his level of the market may follow guys like Jordan Montgomery, Shota Imanaga and Blake Snell finding their next homes - but there's one place Stroman won't call home this season: Yankee Stadium.

Yankees, Marcus Stroman are a match that's certainly not made in heaven

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Stroman expressed 'serious interest' in pitching for the Yankees - who declined to put any sort of offer on the table to the two-time All-Star. That's hardly a surprise given his past comments about the organization, something that was quickly pointed out by our friends over at Yanks Go Yard.

Of course, Stroman's latest foray into free agency is an interesting one given his tale of two halves. Prior to the All-Star break, the veteran looked like a legitimate Cy Young contender. But then his season came off the rails after a pair of injuries sidelined him for nearly two months. Upon returning, the results were disastrous (5.63 ERA in two starts and two relief appearances) - so you can bet there's a fair amoung of caution among big league teams looking at him in free agency.

After seeing Sean Manaea net a two-year, $28 million deal with an opt-out from the Mets, though, it seems like a safe bet that, in the end, Stroman will out-earn (at least in terms of total dollars) the option he declined. Even after the Giants traded for former Cy Young winner Robbie Ray, San Francisco remains interested in adding another starter - and Stroman could fit nicely there.

Don't count on a reunion with Chicago, though. Repeatedly throughout the 2023 season, Stroman very publicly stated he wanted an extension with the Cubs - who reportedly didn't engage with his camp on any sort of talks. Jed Hoyer remains interested in adding to the rotation, but there has been zero smoke on any sort of reunion tour between the two sides this winter.