What the Cubs' lineup looked like last time the Blackhawks had the No. 1 pick

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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It’s June 22, 2007– “Umbrella” by Rihanna is topping the Billboard charts, we’re days away from the first iPhone being released, and the Chicago Blackhawks have the No. 1 overall pick in the NHL Draft.

Does that last part sound familiar? 

Heading into the 2023 NHL Draft, the Blackhawks find themselves in the exact same position as they did in 2007. Setting themselves up for the next phase in the franchise’s history, they’re prepared to take the projected No. 1 pick in Connor Bedard, just as they did 15 years ago when drafting Patrick Kane. 

As the 2007 Blackhawks prepared to take Patrick Kane, the Cubs were in the midst of a division race that they ultimately came out on top of, despite being 8.5 games out of first place at one point on top of hitting a low of nine games below .500 by the first week of June— Coincidentally, the 2023 Cubs were a season-low of 7.5 games out of first and 10 games below .500 just a few weeks ago, all in a division that anyone could very easily win... It just really makes you think, huh?

Except, well, if the stars aligned and history repeated itself, the Cubs would be swept by the Diamondbacks in the NLDS—And coincidentally enough, the Diamondbacks are leading the West just as they did in 2007.

Life and baseball are strange, but all jokes aside, a lot can change over such a timespan. Sports in Chicago are no exception to this. For today’s blast from the past, let’s take a glance at just how much has changed with a look at the Cubs' starting lineup from the day of the 2007 NHL Draft.