What did the Chicago Cubs get from their picks in rounds 11-20 in the 2023 MLB Draft?

The Cubs took some great players in the later rounds of the 2023 MLB Draft even if one of them makes literally no sense whatsoever.
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16th Round Pick- Daniel Brown P (Campbell University)

I’ve got to say this one doesn’t make much sense to me. According to baseball reference Brown appeared in six games across his college career and never started a game. In those six appearances, he lasted one inning (combined) and allowed 10 earned runs on 13 walks, and had nine wild pitches.

He faced 18 batters in his college career and got three outs (all strikeouts) but that’s simply not good enough and creates a stat line that is too similar to the one that Keegan Thompson bounced out of Wrigley. 

I’m not sure if the Cubs think they can get him some glasses and play Wild Thing as he exits the bullpen, but this pick legitimately makes as much sense to me as drafting… well… me. And that wouldn’t be good for anyone.