What are the most recent no-hitters in Chicago Cubs history?

Almost eight years to the day of Jake Arrieta's second no-hitter in an 11-start span, let's look back at the most recent Cubs hurlers who made baseball history.
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Sorry, there's another Jake Arrieta no-hitter we still need to talk about

Arrieta may not have been the pitcher he was to close out 2015 for the duration of the team's 2016 World Series championship campaign, but early on, he was pretty damned good. A 1.00 ERA and a perfect 5-0 record in April set the tone - but the highlight from yet another dominant month from the righty came in Cincinnati on April 21.

Not only did Arrieta throw his second no-hitter in his last 11 starts, but the Cubs absolutely decimated Reds pitching, throwing 16 runs up on the board en route to a 16-0 victory. In the no-no, Chicago set a Modern Era MLB record for most runs in a game by the winning team in a no-hitter. But let's get back to what he did on the mound.

He needed 119 pitches to get the job done and he walked four, but Arrieta delivered once again. The defense was more active in this one than his no-hitter against the Dodgers, evidenced by 'just' six strikeouts this time around. With his second no-no under his belt, Arrieta made Cubs history, joining the likes of Ken Holtzman and Larry Corcoran with two no-hitters (no Cubs pitcher has three).

This was an unofficial end to Arrieta's historic run. That's not to say he wasn't still an incredibly effective pitcher for the Cubs, because he most certainly was, especially in that '16 season, but he came back to earth a bit shortly after this start. But in my lifetime, I've never seen a guy in a groove like this on the mound and let me tell you, it was something to behold.