Using OOTP to make the Chicago Cubs moves that fans are calling for

Cubs Win!
Cubs Win! / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

Do you think you can run the Chicago Cubs in a more productive way than Tom Ricketts, Jed Hoyer, and David Ross? Do you remember when Twitch played Pokemon? If the answer to either of those questions was yes (or even if it wasn’t) this is going to be a fun new weekly addition to Cubbies Crib.

Out of the Park Baseball 24 is a PC game that offers the most realistic simulation baseball experience on the market. That is going to be the medium through which we will control our alternate-universe Chicago Cubs team and lead them to the playoffs and hopefully beyond. 

Each week we’ll post questions via google form on Monday mornings that will remain live until Friday at midnight. Those questions could include:

  • Should we make a change at the closer position?
  • Should we call up (insert hot-hitting/pitching) prospect?
  • Should we move (insert cold bat) down in the lineup or even change to a platoon?
  • Should we make a trade for a player on the trade block?
  • Should we put (insert player) on our trade block?
  • Should we put (insert player) on the IL even though their injury is listed as day-to-day?

We’ll then run the simulation for the week and publish the results on Monday morning with the next week of questions that we’ll have to work through together.

In order to catch up to the major league team around the All-Star Break we’ve attached the tentative schedule below that shows which teams we’ll be playing each week. By the time we reach the All-Star Break, we’ll be fully caught up and able to compare our decisions versus the decisions of the real team and take some semblance of joy from the fact that our superior decision-making has created a playoff-bound squad rather than one that’s about to dump half of their talented players. It should make it sting less… right?

Here’s the link to the first batch of questions, let’s do this!


Day of the Article

Week(s) of the Schedule

Wednesday, May 31st

March 30th - April 12th (Brewers, Reds, Rangers and Mariners)

Monday, June 5th

April 14th - April 23rd (Dodgers, A’s, Dodgers)

Monday, June 12th

April 25th - May 7th (Padres, Marlins, Nationals, Marlins)

Monday, June 19th

May 8th - May 21st (Cardinals, Twins, Astros, Phillies)

Monday, June 26th

May 23rd - June 5th (Mets, Reds, Rays, Padres)

Monday, July 3rd

June 6th - June 18th (Angels, Giants, Pirates, Orioles)

Monday, July 10th

June 19th - July 2nd (Pirates, Cardinals, Phillies, Guardians)

Monday, July 17th

July 3rd - July 23rd (Guardians, Brewers, Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals, Cardinals)

Monday, July 24th

July 25th - July 30th (White Sox, Cardinals)

Monday, July 31st

July 31st - August 6th (Reds, Braves)

Monday, August 7th

August 7th - August 13th (Mets, Blue Jays)

Monday, August 14th

August 15th - August 20th (White Sox, Royals)

Monday, August 21st

August 21st - August 27th (Tigers, Pirates)

Monday, August, 28th

August 28th - September 3rd (Brewers, Reds)

Monday, September 4th

September 4th - September 10th (Giants, Diamondbacks)

Monday, September 11th

September 11th - September 17th (Rockies, Diamondbacks)

Monday, September 18th

September 19th - September 24th (Pirates, Rockies)

Monday, September 25th

September 26th- October 1st (Braves, Brewers)

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