Top 10 young players important to the Chicago Cubs future

Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
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5. OF Pete Crow-Armstrong

The Cubs' top prospect, and the 13th overall prospect in baseball, Pete Crow-Armstrong is presumably the center fielder of the future. I would personally like to see Cody Bellinger sign a long-term deal with the team because he is everything Crow-Armstrong is but more, but I digress. Crow-Armstrong will probably turn into an elite MLB player as he plays gold glove defense in center field, swipes dozens of bases a year, and boasts a compact left-handed swing.

In the long term though, I don't think more contact is what this Cubs lineup needs with Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson, and Ian Happ not home run heavy. In any case, Crow-Armstrong will be important to the future either as a player or a high-leverage trade chip. Should the Cubs fail to give Bellinger a long-term deal, Crow-Armstrong is the natural option for center field until further notice.