Three former Chicago Cubs that are current fits for the team's needs

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Kris Bryant
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Three former Chicago Cubs that are current fits: Kris Bryant

First and foremost, Kris Bryant has long-term security in his life after signing a seven-year contract with the Colorado Rockies last season. That type of long-term security evaded Bryant ever since he fielded the ground ball and made the play that won the Cubs the World Series title in 2016. Given the fractured relationship that Bryant seemingly had with the Cubs' front office during the final three seasons of his run with the team, there is no question that each side needed a break.

But is the grass greener? Bryant's first season in Colorado was a wash as injuries limited him to only 42 games played last season. When healthy last season, Bryant showed flashes of his MVP form as he compiled a .370 wOBA and 125 wRC+.

Given the mixed signals regarding the Rockies' moves in recent seasons, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the team may look to trade Bryant in the next season or two. If that is the case, the Cubs certainly could come calling as they have a clear long-term need at third base.