These 3 Cubs are floundering at the plate over the last 2 weeks

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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Cubs president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer admitted it'll take lengthy winning streaks for his team to get back into the postseason picture and avoid selling at the trade deadline for the third straight year.

It's easy to point to the team's bullpen struggles in the season's first two months - but the offense has lacked the necessary firepower, as well. Lately, it's hard to pinpoint many guys who are living up to expectations, but there are 3 players who have really been struggling.

3 Cubs players who are floundering at the plate: #3 - Christopher Morel

Remember when the Cubs, at long last, promoted Christopher Morel after watching him torch Triple-A pitching for the first month of the season? Remember how he continued decimating big league pitching, homering what felt like every single game?

Yeah, those days are long gone. Over his last 15 games, Morel has a .212 OPS - that's right, his OPS is lower than you'd even like his average to be. His .040/.172/.040 slash line in those 9 games is brutal and a 40% strikeout rate tells you what you need to know about how things are going for the Cubs' utilityman right now.

Without Cody Bellinger's bat in the lineup and without much else in terms of power, Morel's struggles have contributed in a big way to Chicago's recent offensive woes. Getting him sorted out has to be a priority, because the Cubs have no chance of turning their season around without him being a key contributor.