There's growing optimism the Cubs will host an upcoming All Star game

Chicago Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney took to local radio to discuss the progress on getting the MLB All Star game to Wrigley Field.

1990 MLB All-Star Game:  American League v National League
1990 MLB All-Star Game: American League v National League / Getty Images/GettyImages

It was 33 years ago when the Chicago Cubs last hosted the MLB All-Star game at Wrigley Field. The Ricketts family knew when they purchased the team in 2009 that to bring the Midsummer Classic back to The Friendly Confines, they would need to modernize the park. Now that has been done, the battle to get the All-Star game is on.

Several years have gone by since the park was modernized with new clubhouses, internal facilities, expanded seating capacity, updated pressbox, and video screens among other luxury amenities. The time is now to be given the game. Back in 1990, the Cubs had just added lights, the pressbox behind home plate, and luxury suites in the recent years prior. Standards have changed a bit since then.

670 the Score's Bruce Levine talked to Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney on Saturday morning's "Inside the Clubhouse" show and expressed optimism that we are moving towards seeing the All-Star game return to Wrigley Field in the coming years. This comes after numerous talks with the City of Chicago administration and the MLB commissioner's office.

""Rob [Manfred] has asked the city to kind of support us -- In general the commissioner wants to see a sign of good faith and a sign of progress instead of obstacles, create solutions for the team, and I think we'll get the game. The new administration is very focused on it. I have had probably the most constructive meetings I've had in 10 years on this topic with them." "

Crane Kenney via 670 The Score

Those are some pretty optimistic words from a businessman who does not have anything set in stone. As Kenney said, the commissioner wants the appropriate support from the city, and if they are willing to give it, then there should be no reason this cannot happen in a recently modernized Wrigley Field. Having city support is especially big for Chicago, considering the mandates the Cubs have playing in a neighborhood. It will be good revenue for the Chicago and MLB, so one would think all sides would want to make this work.

Fans today could have an absolute blast at modern Wrigley for an All-Star game, especially with the likes of Gallagher Way and the Draft Kings Sports Book in place. Not to mention there is much more rooftop seating now than there was in 1990. Players can enjoy the updated clubhouses and facilities that the park lacked for so long.

Hopefully, this will all come together and the Cubs will be hosting an All-Star game very soon. Maybe as soon as 2025?

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