The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Javier Baez

Position: Shortstop

Team: Detroit Tigers

Series: Charisma

Overall: 97

Unlike the Gleyber Torres trade, that I can at least pretend not to be bitter about, this is one I’m not even going to pretend on. Sure, he’s been really bad since signing a really big contract with the Tigers (.219/.265/.306 this season), but he was the heart and soul of the best team the Chicago Cubs ever put on the field. 

This Javy card isn’t spectacular and it’s not as good as the Silver Slugger card he got last year, but it’s still a solid player with double diamonds hitting and fielding and it’s nice to have El Mago back in Cubbies pinstripes, even if he only has gold fielding to pair with his diamond hitting stats.