The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Gleyber Torres

Position: Second Base

Team: New York Yankees

Series: World Baseball Classic

Overall: 97

I’m certainly not still bitter about the trade that sent Gleyber Torres to the New York Yankees for a half-season of Aroldis Chapman… who went back and re-signed with the Yankees less than six months later. In all seriousness, this deal led to the Cubs breaking the longest drought in American sports history so it is hard to stay too mad about it, but seeing Torres hit nukes everytime he plays the Orioles does leave me wondering what could’ve been.

He’s deadly against lefties with 104 contact and 114 power against them. He’s a diamond bat, but he only has gold defense at the keystone position which might make it difficult to turn two, but you won’t have many runners on base when you see our pitchers.