The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Craig Kimbrel

Position: Right-Handed Closer

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Series: Milestone

Overall: 99

The Cubs went over their perceived budget to bring in Craig Kimbrel and try to keep the championship window open. He was terrible in 2019 and almost equally terrible in 2020 but he was incredible in 2021 with a 0.49 ERA at the time of his trade to the White Sox. The Cubs got Nick Madrigal (currently in AAA) and Codi Heuer (currently in AAA) and Craig Kimbrel has now earned his 400th career save. Cool.

If you’re looking for a unique player look no further. Kimbrel has an… interesting… way to get  set with his arm out at a right angle and it adds a little something fun to the end of a game. Aside from that he’s got 125 H/9 and 125 K/9 which means he’s essentially a guaranteed lockdown to close it out.