The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Relief Pitchers

Andrew Chafin

Position: Left-Handed Setup 

Team: Detroit Tigers

Series: Charisma

Overall: 92

This is true of every reliever on this list (and some relievers that didn’t make this list as they inexplicably don’t have a diamond card in the game, looking at you Alex Lange), but I bet the Cubs wish they still had this guy on the roster. The Cubs traded Chafin to the A’s back in 2021 and got AAA reliever Daniel Palencia out of it. The jury is still out on that deal, but one guy has a diamond card in MLB the Show 23 and the other has no card at all.

Chafin isn’t built to miss bats, but his pitch mix will lead to plenty of soft contact and double play balls. If you somehow find yourself in a sticky situation once Darvish/Maddux/Wood/Prior have come off the mound and you need someone to clean up the inning, Chafin will be your guy.