The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Yu Darvish

Position: Right-Handed Starting Pitcher

Team: San Diego Padres

Series: World Baseball Classic

Overall: 99

Darvish is such an interesting piece of Chicago Cubs history. He signed a $126 million dollar deal when it looked like the Cubs would be perennial World Series contenders and then was dealt for three teenagers, a 20-year-old and Zach Davies. It’s rare to see a player experience the pinnacle and collapse of a team that they signed within a single contract cycle but Darvish did just that. 

He’s got 99 velocities, 99 breaks and enough stamina that he shouldn’t have to be removed unless you really want to. His timing is also pretty easy to get locked down with regard to the pitching mechanics, making him one of the best possible pitchers to have.