The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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Dan Vogelbach

Position: Right-Handed DH

Team: New York Mets

Series: Charisma

Overall: 95

This is a player that I feel like the Cubs legitimately gave a chance to be successful for as long as they could before they moved on. He was a first baseman on a team that seemingly had Rizzo as the answer long-term and no possibility of playing DH on the horizon. Chicago flipped him to Seattle for LHP Mike Montgomery, who ended up doing just fine with the Cubs.

That being said, Big Dan has become a professional hitter. He was a All-Star in 2019 when he hit 30 homers for Seattle and he’s parlayed that into a nice journeyman career that’s seen him play for five teams. Last year he had a .830 OPS and as a short-side of a platoon with Kyle Schwarber, he’s not a bad option to have against LHP in the DH spot.