The Chicago Cubs (Diamond) Dynasty that could have been

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The Chicago Cubs began building a dynasty when Theo Epstein arrived. They realized that goal first in 2015 by making a deep playoff run and then by winning it all in 2016. They made a deep playoff run again in 2017 but after that the wheels began to slowly fall off and piece after piece was dealt to teams actually trying to win baseball games.

This article is going to look at the team that could have been if the Cubs hadn't dealt away all of that talent and paint the picture of what your Diamond Dynasty squad could look like in MLB the Show 23 if you wanted to see how they could play together in a virtual world.

Trigger warning for all Cubs fans: this is going to be tough to read.

The Infield

Willson Contreras 

Position: Catcher

Team: St. Louis Cardinals 

Series: May Topps Now

Overall: 94

Contreras did something that a handful of players before him have done: he left for the Cardinals. Dexter Fowler did it, Ryan Theriot did it and now Contreras has done it. Cubs fans pretty much universally still love Dexter Fowler because Dexter Fowler continued to love Cubs fans. However, Theriot and Contreras both had some anti-Cubs sentiments that they chose to air publicly which led to their returns to the Friendly Confines to be considerably less friendly. 

That being said, Contreras is one of the best catchers in the game coming in with solid contact against righties (95) and great power against lefties (103). He’s a double diamond in the hitting and defense categories and has a 94 arm rating to gun down runners. He’s a nice piece for this super team.