Shohei Ohtani's $2 million salary pales in comparison to Chicago Cubs players

Several Cubs players will make more money than Shohei Ohtani next season thanks to the unique contract structure of the Japanese superstar's contract with the Dodgers

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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3. Yan Gomes: $6 million

Catcher Yan Gomes is worth more than $6 million in my opinion not just for his on-field capabilities. Gomes did enjoy an exceptional year with the bat in 2023, which are few and far between as far as catchers go these days. And the Cubs pitching staff was certainly comfortable with Gomes' 12 years of experience behind the dish. But Gomes is a rock in this team's clubhouse and a seasoned veteran with significant playoff experience on multiple teams.

That kind of value is hard to put a dollar amount on but $6 million is certainly a bargain for everything Gomes brings to the table, which is not nearly as much as Ohtani will bring to the Dodgers in terms of value.