Scott Boras holds court on Cody Bellinger and the Cubs on 670 The Score

The MLB super-agent sold his client directly to the masses on Saturday, taking time out of his day to speak with Bruce Levine on Chicago sports talk radio.

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Baseball insider Bruce Levine, host of 670 the Score's "Inside the Clubhouse", had a chance to interview agent Scott Boras Saturday morning. Boras has been a big topic of conversation during this Cubs offseason, seeing as he represents free agent Cody Bellinger and other potential targets. Various reports, including those from New York Post's Jon Heyman, indicate the Cubs are still very in on bringing Bellinger back.

Levine asked Boras about Bellinger and a return to Chicago:

"The Chicago fans understand who are the Cubs with Cody [Bellinger], and who are the Cubs without him. When you play in a market that you actually get to answer that question by the performance of the player, you can really determine what he means to a specific franchise and their probability of winning, and what it would be like without him being there. In this marketplace when you have 28 and under year-old free agents when they are available, it just does not happen very often."

Scott Boras

Boras then added that his client has MVP hardware to his name already and boasts three-time top-10 MVP finalist (one of those seasons being last year in Chicago). He elaborated on the value of Bellinger and name-dropped a heavy-hitting list of players that included Shohei Ohtani, Bryce Harper and Corey Seager - all of whom had injuries in the past, but remain elite talents in the game.

Scott Boras, obviously, focused solely on the upside of Cody Bellinger

When asked about Bellinger's injury history and the concerns some might have about giving him a long-term deal, Boras said it's a concern with any type of great young player but the resume speaks higher than the concerns. He gave Harper and Seager as examples of players who have had major injuries and still went on to produce at elite levels. Boras also made the point that while guys like Seager did not play through injuries, Bellinger did due to the defensive abilities he could contribute.

"That's the hard part for the Cubs because obviously Cody [Bellinger] got them to this level and they need even more than that to advance to higher levels to win their division and to advance deep into the playoffs. Ownership has to support the executives of their teams."

Scott Boras

This is all stuff fans know very well, but it was important to hear from the agent himself. Boras is selling high on his client and makes it clear that having his services will come at a hefty price. He is doing everything he can to highlight the value of Bellinger, by repeatedly mentioning the highlights on his resume. Unlike many odd interviews Boras has had with the media in the past, he was not using weird cliches, innuendos or analogies. He was speaking like a businessman selling his client.

Boras knows the Cubs have money to spend, and that they need Bellinger and more to take the next steps in improving. The door from Boras seems to be very open for the Cubs to do business. Now's the time for Tom Ricketts and Jed Hoyer to be willing to walk in and flex the financial muscle we know they have.