Ranking the top 5 Cubs offseason moves

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
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Tucker Barnhart / Chicago Cubs
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Ranking the top 5 Cubs offseason moves: #4 - Tucker Barnhart

Losing Willson Contreras in and of itself hurts, but losing him to the Cubs' biggest rival is just cruel and unusual punishment. But after the Cardinals tapped the three-time All-Star to succeed future Hall of Famer Yadier Molina, that's the new reality in the NL Central.

Chicago has opted to sacrifice offense behind the dish in favor of defensive and game-calling abilities, bringing in two-time Gold Glover Tucker Barnhart to pair with Yan Gomes. Nothing went right for Barnhart in Detroit last year (to be fair, not much of anything went right for the Tigers though) and he's ready for a clean slate on the North Side.

Barnhart's former teammate Wade Miley, who was able to make just eight starts last year in his lone season with the Cubs, raved about the organization and helped sell him on the opportunity. Now, Chicago has a pair of experienced game-callers to help a young pitching staff take that next step.

"I want our guys on the mound to -- outside of the gear we're wearing or what we look like -- to not know who's back there. I think that's when pitching staffs reach the highest potential, because we're all on the same page. They trust us. "

Tucker Barnhart, via MLB.com

These two guys have the opportunity to not only help the Cubs win in 2023, but help that core of young arms settle in and be ready to play a big role for years to come.