Ranking the top 5 most memorable moments in Cubs All-Star history

Next week, Major League Baseball's biggest stars will flock to T-Mobile Park in Seattle for the 93rd rendition of the Midsummer Classic. Let's take a look at some of the greatest Chicago Cubs moments from almost a century of the MLB All-Star Game and its festivities.
2004 MLB All Star Game - Century 21 Home Run Derby
2004 MLB All Star Game - Century 21 Home Run Derby / Steve Grayson/GettyImages
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Top 5 Most Memorable Cubs All-Star Moments: #1 -2000: Sammy Sosa crushes competition in Home Run Derby

Unlike the NBA, NHL and NFL, there aren't a multitude of events during the All-Star Break showcasing the different raw talents of their respective sports. The Home Run Derby is the sole event that involves current MLB players crushing the ball into the packed stands. Not too long ago, the Cubs were gifted by the presence of Sammy Sosa.

In 2000, Sosa entered the Home Run Derby for the third time in his career. The year prior, at Fenway Park, Sosa hit just one home run and was eliminated quickly. At Turner Field in Atlanta, Sosa had different plans. With the new millennium came a new Sammy Sosa.

To say the least, Sosa put on a show for the crowd. He smashed a total of 26 home runs, seven more than anybody had ever hit in a single derby. Sosa defeated the reigning champ Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners.


The Chicago slugger hit the most dingers in each of the three rounds. Fans in attendance no doubt remember Sosa's home runs flying over the pennants pinned along the upper deck of the Braves' former home in Atlanta.