Ranking the Top 10 Chicago Cubs' Uniforms of All-Time

Uniforms are one of the most polarizing aspects of a sports franchise. Love them or hate them, they aren't going anywhere. For the Chicago Cubs, there is a 147-year history behind these threads.
Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
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5. 1952-56 Home

Simplicity is often compared to boredom. That is what folks see when they are shown a white jersey, pants and not much else going on. This was also the final years of the more Gothic-looking "C" shown on the caps. Moreover, Chicago moved away from the blue outline around the "Cubs" logo and went with a circular outline in the following seasons.

Chicago Cubs' Hall of Fame inductee Phil Cavarretta led the team for two seasons during this span. In terms of team performance, this five-year glimpse was uneventful. The Cubs were in the basement of the N.L. for most of this period. However, there is something about this uniform that brings out utter nostalgia, maybe it's the fact the uniforms were worn more than 70 years ago.