Ranking the Top 10 Chicago Cubs' Uniforms of All-Time

Uniforms are one of the most polarizing aspects of a sports franchise. Love them or hate them, they aren't going anywhere. For the Chicago Cubs, there is a 147-year history behind these threads.

Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages
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9. 1979-81 Road Jersey

Two main talking points with this era's uniforms. First, the Cubs implemented a new "C" onto the home jerseys. For the bear logo on the shoulder, designers gave the creature some life. The shoulder patch was given an angry expression.

The three seasons were marred by mediocrity for Chicago, finishing near the bottom of the N.L. East between 1979-81. Nonetheless, the uniform gave some life to fans who were waiting for the Cubs to break through. When you see this uniform, think of Bruce Sutter, Lee Smith, and Dave Kingman.