Ranking the Chicago Cubs' 4 biggest disappointments so far this season

It isn't just certain players that are disappointing us this season.
Miami Marlins v Chicago Cubs
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2. Kyle Hendricks

After the year Kyle Hendricks had in 2023, bringing him back on a 16.0M club option seemed like a no-brainer. The nostalgia aspect only made it a more heartfelt story, as he is the last remaining 2016 World Series Championship team member. The truth is, 2016 doesn't feel like yesterday anymore, and Hendricks' 2024 season has been as underwhelming as one could imagine. He currently sports an ERA north of 10.00 and sits among the worst at the bottom 1% in pitching run value.

I hate saying it publicly, but without an immediate turnaround, which seems unlikely, the team will probably have to let him go soon. Similar to Jake Arrieta, the nostalgic part is heart-wrenching, but the show must go on for the Cubs if they want to make their team as competitive as possible this season. The man deserves a proper send-off and will always be remembered as a Cubs legend. That's the nicest way I can put it. Other than that, enough's enough.