Ranking the 5 best Chicago Cubs free agent signings of the last decade

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John Lackey
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2. John Lackey

In 2015, John Lackey had one of the best seasons of his career with the Cardinals, where he turned in a sub-3 ERA (2.77) for the first and only time in his 15-year career. However, Lackey's campaign ended with the Cubs taking him for four runs in the NLDS, which wound up being the final game of the Cardinal's season that year after Kyle Schwarber hit his insane scoreboard-clearing home run. Lackey subsequently defected to Chicago that offseason on a two-year deal that closed out his reputable career.

Although 2017 proved to be quite an ugly year (36 home runs given up), Lackey's Cubs tenure is remembered by the 2016 season. As the number four starter for the Cubs, the big Texan turned in 188 innings on a 3.35 ERA while racking up 180 strikeouts. That is much more than you'd expect from a 37-year-old in the twilight of his career. Even when he wasn't pitching well, Lackey was incredibly entertaining to watch as his short temper and colorful language made frequent appearances.