Ranking the 4 most underrated Cubs from the last decade

The Golden Era of Chicago Cubs baseball had its share of underappreciated contributors.
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Ranking the 4 most underrated Cubs from the last decade: #1 - Hector Rondon

Everyone still talks about Pedro Strop (and rightfully so given he's one of the best relievers in Chicago Cubs history. But no one seems to have that same level of appreciation for his fellow late-inning weapon, Hector Rondon.

In his five years on the North Side, Rondon often filled the closer's role - and made nearly 300 appearances during that stretch. No one will forget his reaction upon recording the final out of the 2015 NLDS against St. Louis - but his body of work, as a whole, often goes overlooked.

Looking specifically at his three-year peak that spanned 2014-2016, Rondon made 190 appearances, working to a 2.44 ERA, 2.76 FIP and 1.015 WHIP for the Cubs. Prior to Epstein going out and trading for Aroldis Chapman at the 2016 deadline, it was Rondon slamming the door in the ninth, posting a 1.72 ERA in the first half that year.

He might not have had the flair or style of someone like Rondon or the triple-digit heater Chapman showcased, but Rondon was an integral piece of the Cubs' puzzle and has to be considered as the most underrated Cub from the last 10 years.