Ranking the 4 most underrated Cubs from the last decade

The Golden Era of Chicago Cubs baseball had its share of underappreciated contributors.
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Ranking the 4 most underrated Cubs from the last decade: #2 - Travis Wood

Before Shohei Ohtani, there was Travis Wood. Seriously, this guy walked so the Angels superstar could run.

OK, maybe Wood wasn't that impressive, but no one could rock a cutoff camo shirt the same way he did. The left-hander came to the Cubs in the Sean Marshall trade back in Dec. 2011, meaning when the Cubs won it all five years later, he and Anthony Rizzo were really the two guys who had seen it all as the organization embarked upon a painful, top-to-bottom rebuild.

In the dark days, Wood did what you needed him to do, averaging 30 starts a year from 2012-2014, turning in a respectable 4.09 ERA in the process. He even earned an All-Star nod in 2013, but that was more to do with how bad the team was, as a whole, than what he did personally - although a 2.79 ERA in 19 first-half starts that year is nothing to turn your nose up at.

From there, he shifted into more of a hybrid role on the staff. In 2015, he started nine games, finished 12 and made 54 appearances in all, racking up over 100 innings as the staff's do-it-all arm. The following year, as the Cubs made history, Maddon leaned hard on his lefty, who made 77 appearances with a 2.95 ERA