Ranking the 3 biggest Cubs disappointments so far this season

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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Ranking the 3 biggest Cubs disappointments: #3 - Jameson Taillon has gone from bad to worse in his first seven starts

Two home runs, including a grand slam, put the Cubs and Jameson Taillon in a 6-0 first-inning hole on Saturday and, really, it encapsulated what we've seen from the veteran right-hander so far this year.

A consistent innings-eater in the past, Taillon has been nothing but a liability since joining the Cubs and it's hard to find any sort of positive takeaways from his starts this year. Not only has he been ineffective, but he's yet to pitch past the fifth inning, to boot.

Justin Steele and Marcus Stroman have been co-aces for this team and it's scary to think where Chicago might be without their efforts. Drew Smyly, the other starter the Cubs brought in (or brough back, in his case) this winter, has exceeded expectations, making Taillon's struggles garner even more attention.

Known as an incredibly adaptable, intuitive pitcher, there's cause for optimism - in theory, between Taillon and the Cubs' brain trust, solutions will be there. But it's on the right-hander to take the information and execute his pitches and, so far, he's shown no ability to consistently do so.