Ranking 8 Cubs pending free agents by likelihood of them re-signing

The Cubs have a number of guys set to hit the open market, but there's a chance more than a couple stick around, either by re-signing or via contract options.

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Ranking Cubs free agents based on likelihood of re-signing: #3 - Marcus Stroman

All indications of late suggest Marcus Stroman is planning on opting into the final year of his deal with the Cubs - something that looked all but impossible just a few short months ago. However, injuries and ineffectiveness plagued the two-time All-Star in the second half and his value isn't near what it was heading into the All-Star Break.

Even with the downturn, Stroman has put together another solid campaign, posting a 3.52 FIP in 130+ innings of work. There's nothing wrong with that level of production when you factor in what he also brings to a clubhouse and the community. At his best, as we saw this year, he can go toe-to-toe with any pitcher in the league - and you hope that, fully healthy, we see more of that in 2024.

There's always a chance he tests free agency, but it seems like Stroman really enjoys being in Chicago (he was very, very vocal about this earlier in the season) and has experienced real success with the team and coaching staff before getting hurt.