Prospects of the Week for Chicago Cubs Affiliates for the Week for 5/21-5/28

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Chicago Cubs Single-A Hitter of the week: OF Felix Stevens (23 Years Old)

.316/.435/.579 4 BB, 2 2B, 4 RBI, 3 R, 1-2 SB

Felix Stevens got the nod for this week’s Myrtle Beach bat of the week due to his ability to get on base with hard contact. He’s entering his third season of A-Ball so we won’t get too overexcited about the things he’s done well as a 23-year-old that is more than two years older than the average player at the level. 

That being said, there are some things to like about the week he had this week and the year that he’s having as a whole. His K rate is still astronomical at 31.5% but it’s lower than it was last year by nearly two percentage points and he’s increased his walk percentage by nearly three percentage points compared to last season. 

Like I said though, the biggest difference between this week and previous weeks/years has been his ability to get on base with hard contact. His OBP is higher than it has ever been and nearly a hundred points higher than it has been at any level since 2019. His ISO is .223 so far this season which is significantly higher than the .190 he carried last season.

Unfortunately, much like Pagan at the High-A level, it appears to be BABIP aided. Stevens has speed, but not enough to carry a .414 BABIP. That strikes me as more lucky than good and I don’t expect him to appear back on the list of players of the week any time soon, but if we have more promotions coming then I’d love to see him at the High-A level to see if he can keep this up against a little better, more mature, pitching.