Predicting what will happen with these 3 Cubs non-tender candidates

The Cubs have only a handful of non-tender candidates heading into the offseason.
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3 Cubs non-tender candidates: #1 - Nick Burdi

Lost in the annual batch of reclamation projects the Cubs brought in last offseason was big right-hander Nick Burdi, who wound up making just three appearances for Chicago before an emergency appendectomy cost him the rest of the season.

Making it back to the big leagues was a feel-good story for Burdi, a Chicagoland native, who hadn't thrown an MLB pitch since 2020. It's not really worth digging into the numbers all that much given the sample size, but I think this is a lock as far as non-tender candidates go.

That's not to say he won't get brought back again, but I think Hoyer will go with a new batch of bullpen arms, similar to how he's approached building out a relief corps for years and, frankly, Burdi's tough luck will probably cost him a roster spot as the Cubs look to re-tool heading into 2024.

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