Picking a perfect Christmas gift for these 3 Cubs players

Looking ahead to 2024, here are what 3 of our favorite Cubs players are hoping to find this holiday season.

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Christmas gifts for Cubs players - #1: A Gold Glove in his rookie season for Pete Crow-Armstrong

Even if the Cubs re-sign Bellinger, there's a path for Pete Crow-Armstrong to seize the starting center field job come Opening Day. Bellinger can slot in at first base and the rookie can handle things up the middle in center.

In - and I cannot stress this enough - a very small sample size late this summer, Crow-Armstrong looked overmatched at the plate. But the bat has improved annually since he joined the organization and there's no reason to think he can't make adjustments that will allow him to stick at the big league level moving forward.

A lot is probably riding on how he looks at the plate come spring - but if he makes the Opening Day roster and holds down the job all season long, it's not hard to envision PCA giving himself a gift only 17 rookies in MLB history have ever received: a Gold Glove Award.