Pete Alonso is bored with the New York Mets, wants to play for the Chicago Cubs

Insiders say Alonso may want a change of scenery and Chicago is on his list

Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets
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According to New York radio host Sal Licata of WFAN, "multiple industry sources" told him that Pete Alonso may want to play for the Cubs or Yankees in the future.

""I'm not 100% certain that Alonso is all about being a lifelong Met. I think it's very possible that he may prefer, the two teams that I've heard.""

Sal Licata, WFAN

Alonso has been the starting first baseman for the New York Mets since he stormed onto the scene in 2019. In his first season, Alonso took home the National League Rookie of the Year Award and he won the home run derby. Since his debut, nobody has hit more home runs than Alonso (192) and he is considered one of the best power hitters of the era.

In addition to his 40+ home run threat and impressive run production numbers, Alonso has improved defensively at first base. Although he isn't considered gold glove caliber, Alonso has definitely made strides and gotten to a point where he plays the position at a level where he makes the routine plays and looks comfortable doing it. All things considered, Alonso is a seasoned big-league first baseman that the Chicago Cubs would love to get their hands on.

Alonso has been the subject of countless trade rumors this offseason with his contract set to expire after the 2024 season. The Mets and Alonso are also reportedly not involved in contract extension talks and there is little confidence from Athletic Insiders Tim Britton and Will Sammon that a deal will get done before Alonso hits the market next winter. Given his hitting prowess alone, Alonso is going to command a large deal especially when you consider the fact that Scott Boras is his new agent. The Cubs will certainly be in the conversation, but it won't be easy with Alonso's talents being a hot commodity and he is by far the best first baseman of his free agent class.

If I were the Cubs, I would definitely be comfortable breaking the bank for Alonso. He is a guy you can be comfortable putting significant financial faith in and he would instantly rectify the serious power department concerns the team has struggled with recently. Of course, a potential move for Alonso depends on what the Cubs do this year as the team has reportedly made offers to Rhys Hoskins and Cody Bellinger, both of whom play first base. Bellinger may be destined for center field because he plays gold glove defense there, but the team also has rookie Pete Crow-Armstrong, who is somehow better than Bellinger on defense. So there are many things yet to shake out before Alonso's free agency, but it would be quite a sight seeing him crank moonshots into the left field bleachers.

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